Everyone smiles in the same language - George Carlin

About me

I like sport, going out with my friends, adrenaline sports, shooting, horse riding, listening to music. I always try to improve my self and if needed I grant some charity.


I grew up in a small village called Osecna situated in the north of the Czech Republic. When I was younger I had no idea how to become an actor because my wires were strongly limited.

In 2015 I started to send my very first professional pictures to the casting agencies (selfies, prome pictures, beach boy photos) as I didn´t know about the world sofar.

My first inquiry was in extras for Ice Hockey WCH in Prag. I was accepted and like 2 days after I got another message that I was preselected for a featured extra. I felt some kind of happiness. When the day came from 20 preselected they chose 10 and I was exactly the 10th chosen. It was so lucky but sometimes the luck is the only thing that counts and in this case it was the beginning of my career.

I have always dreamed about to be an actor (to be honest from the beginning the dream was about a pilot :D).